RVC Clubbers

Club History


The origins of the RVC Men's Fastpitch Softball Club began in the school year of 2001-2002, when Dr. Timothy Hatten (Fitness, Wellness, and Sport: Faculty member) met with Mike Armato (RVC Men's Baseball Coach) and Kelly Johnson (RVC Men's Asst. Baseball Coach) about trying to get more RVC baseball players involved in men's fastpitch softball.    Coach Johnson and Dr. Hatten grew up in the same small town, of Tampico, IL, which has a rich history in fastpitch softball.    Since Coach Johnson played fastpitch, he knew how playing fastpitch could help baseball players improve their quickness and bat speed.  In the summer of 2002, the RVC men's baseball team participated in the Rockford Men's Developmental league. 

After that 2002 season, players that participated in the league continued to express interested in playing fastpitch softball in the summer of 2003.   At that time, Dr. Hatten posted a message on the RVC EdNet bulletin board asking for students that were interested in playing in the summer of 2003.   Billy Kulpa, Valley Forge Sports Editor, indicated that he would like to give fastpitch a try and had other friends that were of interest.   As the students were getting exposed to fastpitch, through practice and games, Billy suggested that the team become an officially recognized club through the RVC Student Commission.   It was at this time, Billy Kulpa wrote the club charter and bylaws to be officially recognized through the RVC Student Commission. 

As the club has begun to take shape, Chuck Lockinger (Founder of Rockford Metropolitan Sports (RMS) and avid fastpitch fan) began to take interest in the club and its activities.  Chuck provided the sponsorship money and uniforms that allowed for the club to participate in their first men's fastpitch tournament (Dick Tracy Tournament in Rockford).  This was the beginnings of a perfect match between the mission of RMS and the mission of the RVC Men's Fastpitch Club.   The mission of RMS is to provide education through softball, which coincides with the goals of a college-affiliated club fastpitch softball team.   In this collaboration Chuck reorganized the RMS scholarship program to provide one 500 dollar scholarship for a male and one 500 dollar scholarship for a female that participate in RMS developmental initiatives.

It has taken some time, but as of the 2006-2007 school year, the RVC Clubbers are now an officially recognized club on the Rock Valley College Campus.   It is the only college affiliated men's fastpitch softball club in the United States, with the hope of being a model for new clubs at different colleges in the future.  

Club Presidents:

2003: Billy Kulpa
2004: Billy Kulpa
2005: Andy Robertson
2006: Ryan McDuffa
2007: Paul Boyd
2008: Paul Boyd
2009: Nate Rohl
2010: Jake Nicholson

Rockford Metropolitan Sports Scholarship Recipients:

2004: Billy Kulpa
2005: Paul Boyd
2006: None

Award Winners

2009: ASA Chicago Metro (All tournament)

Jake Nicholson, Tyler Gilles

Jake Nicholson: Most Valuable Player

2007 ISC 23 and Under All Tournament Team

Chad Kulpa
Eric McDuffa

2006 Rockford Men's League (All League Team)

Chad Kulpa (3B)

2006 Rockford Men's League (New Pitcher of the Year)

Ryan McDuffa

Former/Current Club members and Transfer/Current Colleges:

Billy Kulpa Northern Illinois University
Mike Robinson Northern Illinois University
Wes Hedges Western Illinois University
Matt Johnson Western Illinois University
Nate Henke Rockford College
Andy Robertson University of Nebraska
Chad Kulpa Northern Illinois University
Brandon Johnson Devry Institute of Technology
Payton Cloe Southern Illinois (Edwardsville)
Sean Klohse South Dakota State University
Greg Hockmuth Working in Private Industry
Marcus Stoakes Working in Private Industry
Marcus Porchia Playing Professional Minor League Baseball
Ryan McDuffa Northern Illinois University
Darnell George Judson College
Dan Anderson Eastern Illinois University
Bobby Gunsteen Graduated: Fire Science
Eric McDuffa Northern Illinois University
Cole Winsett Working in Private Industry
Brandon Elmer Working in Private Industry
Corey Elmer Working in Private Industry
Paul Boyd Rockford College
Chris Fish Rockford College
Chris Grimm Arizona State University
Barry Doetch University of Illinois
Adam Lewis Eastern Illinois University
Nate Rohl Judson University
Adam Wells RVC
Corey Ballard RVC
Jake Nicholson RVC
Alex Behling RVC
Tyler Gilles RVC
Dan Sardina RVC
Tyler Bielski RVC
Mike Rich RVC
Justin Denniston RVC
Cory Florez RVC
Sidney Thompson RVC