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Organization Overview


The mission of the men's fastpitch softball club is to provide an athletic activity to male students that are interested in participating in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Menís Fastpitch Softball Club By-Laws

Rock Valley College

We, the students and general participants of the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club, seek to play competitive fastpitch softball at a high level and develop interest in the sport among Rock Valley College students.

Article I: Membership

Section I:

A)  This club will be called the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club.

B)  The purpose of this club is to play competitive fastpitch softball at a high level and develop interest in the sport among Rock Valley College students.

 Section II:

A)  Membership will be open to any and all male Rock Valley College students regardless of their area   
                  of study.

B)  Active participation is encouraged, though not required, unless a student wishes to participate in a Menís Fastpitch Softball Club or Rock Valley College funded activity.

C)  Although there will be no discrimination of any kind in this club, whether based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or any and all other reasons, membership must be limited to male students only, due to the nature of competition in which the club will be engaging, specifically other all-male fastpitch softball clubs. Females wishing to participate in the sport are highly encouraged to join the Rock Valley College intercollegiate softball team.

D)  Membership will be open to non-Rock Valley College male students who demonstrate an active interest in the club and participate in all club functions.

E)  Membership will be open to any Rock Valley College alumni that fulfill all previously stated conditions.

Section III:

A)  No formal dues will be required to join the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club, though members may be asked and should expect to pay for certain amenities, such as the cost of travel or personal food expenses.

B)  The Menís Fastpitch Softball Club will explore all available means of raising funds for club activities.

 Article II: General Assembly

 Section I:

A)  The General Assembly will include all members attending a Menís Fastpitch Softball Club general meeting.

Section II:

A)  The participants of the General Assembly are to respect the rights and opinions of all other participants.

B)  All participants of the General Assembly have an equal opportunity and right to voice their opinion on any and all issues, in accordance with subsection A of Article II.

C)  Proper tone and behavior should be practiced by all participants at all times. If participants are unable to conduct themselves in this manner, they will be asked to leave by a faculty Adviser or a member of the Executive Board.

D)  A minimum of five (5) members of the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club must be present in order to conduct business in the General Assembly.

 Section III:

            A)  All issues brought to the General Assembly for decision will be passed through general consensus.

B)  If a general consensus can not be met, then the issue will pass or fail by a simple majority.

 Article III: Executive Board

 Section I:

             A)    Seats on the Executive Board will be open to all General Assembly members.

B)     The Executive Board will consist of six (6) members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and two Inter-Club Council Representatives.

 Section II:

A)     Executive Board positions will first be offered to General Assembly members with previous experience in the General Assembly, then to new members.

B)     If a position is uncontested, then that member may assume the available position. Contested positions will be determined by a majority vote in the general assembly.

C)     In the event of a vacancy, that position will be filled at the first available General Assembly meeting.

Section III:

A)     The President presides over General Assembly meetings, keeps in contact with advisors and Executive Board members between meetings, presides over any necessary voting, and chairs any social events.

B)     The Vice President will aid the President in organizing the team, including all meetings and club functions.

C)     The Treasurer will keep records of funds in the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club account. This position is responsible for giving reports on the current standing of the account whenever funds are shifted, or upon the request of an Adviser, Executive Board member, or General Assembly member.

D)     The Secretary will record the minutes of all meetings, and is also the primary statistician for the team.

E)      The Inter-Club Council Representatives (ICC) may hold another Executive Board position. Their responsibilities are to attend ICC meetings, record the minutes of the ICC meetings, and report and significant events to both the ICC and the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club.

F)      The Adviser facilitates the functions and business of the club.

Section IV:

            A)    All Executive Board decisions will be passed through general consensus.

B)     If a general consensus cannot be met, then the issue will pass or fail by a simple majority. 

Section V:

A)    All other special responsibilities not mentioned will be delegated as needed.

Article IV: Adviser

 Section I:

A)     The office of Adviser shall be filled by a full-time employee of Rock Valley College (RVC)

B)     A vacancy in the office of Adviser:

a.       Can be created:

                                                                           i.      If the Adviser no longer serves as a full-time RVC employee.

                                                                         ii.      By resignation.

                                                                        iii.      By removal through a two-thirds vote with notice in a regular meeting.

b.      Shall be filled by a RVC employee nominated by the Executive Board and approved by a majority vote at a regular meeting.

C)     Adviser shall:

a.       Assist the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club in fulfilling its purpose.

b.      Ensure that no action taken by this club will result in the violation of any Rock Valley College policy.

c.       Attend all scheduled meetings and games.

d.      Serve as a non-voting member in meetings of the Menís Fastpitch Softball Club and of the Executive Board.

e.       Appoint Assistant Advisers as necessary, with a majority vote in the General Assembly.

Article V: Amendments

Section I:

            A)    When necessary, the constitution may be revised.

B)     The presiding President will make any changes to the Constitution and the present those changes at a General Assembly meeting. The General Assembly must then vote on the revised constitution. A majority vote is required to pass.